Petrocalc Corporation

Internet Enabled

WEB Enabled Data Retrieval

WEB Enabled Data Retrieval, a new technology recently developed, gives MICA the power to "read" various state agency web sites to obtain production history data at no cost!  All you need is an Internet connection and the proper WEB ID.

Many states are publishing or have plans to publish well information and production history data on the Internet.  Since this information is public record, you can view the well information  and production history on the Internet using any WEB browser.  If you had the tenacity, you could retrieve the data for each well from a web site, print it, and then enter it by hand into MICA or any other petroleum economic analysis program.  But now MICA does all of this for you automatically.

Currently eleven states are accessible by MICA.  (See State Agencies).  As new states come on-line with production data, MICA will be updated accordingly.

Internet Updates

MICA can now be updated over the Internet.  You can stay current with the latest version of the program at your leisure.  Any updates or revisions are posted on the Internet.  You simply check the posting of the latest version, read about the changes, and download the updated program over the Internet.

Internet Data Storage

MICA now has the capability to save a well or group of wells on the Internet. You can save the data in a private folder, viewable only by you.  Or you can save the data in a public folder viewable by any MICA user.  This feature permits you to retrieve data from anywhere you have access to the Internet, easily transferring data between your home and office.