Petrocalc Corporation

Infinite Flexibility

... in importing data
MICA allows data to be imported from a number of sources including Dwights/Petroleum Information, Lasser, DrillingInfo.Com, Petro Data Sources, Inc. and ASCII text files.  The ASCII text files do not need to be in a specific format.  The end user can specify date fields in the text file.

... in reporting
MICA can dump any program data directly into an Excel spread sheet.  This is done for two reasons.  First, for reporting purposes, once in a spread sheet the format of the data such as text size, color, type, and outlines can be set and then sent to a printer.  Secondly, if MICA does not perform a specific desired calculation, the user can set up a calculation in the spread sheet to display the results.  The design and look of any report can be changed and modified as desired.  All formatting and calculations can be saved in a re-named report template to be used again.  To view sample reports supplied with MICA, click here.

... in graphs
The format of the graphs is extremely flexible and can be easily modified.  The axis scales can be changed along with the graph titles, subtitles, bottom titles, colors, data points and grid lines.  Any time series data can be plotted on any axis.  For example, for standard decline curves, oil, gas and water are plotted on the Y-axes, while the date is plotted on the X-axis.  With MICA it is very easy to change the plot and set up any type of graph desired.